Golfer’s Ashtube: The mobile ashtray for the golf course & for outdoor action.

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Golfer’s Ashtube – Let’s keep the green clean!

The mobile ashtray for smokers’ convenience on the green

Smokers amongst golf players like to enjoy a cigarette on the golf course. The Golfer’s Ashtube
helps to keep nature and the green clean from bothersome cigarette remains. A double delight!

Ready to play the shot – put your cigarette into the Golfer’s Ashtube

Image: The cigarette can be placed in the Golfer’s Ashtube handy cap. Image: Deposit cigarette remains inside the Golfer’s Ashtube.

The Golfer’s Ashtube can be fixed to the trolley or golfbag.

While playing off, the cigarette can be placed in the Golfer’s Ashtube’s handy cap.

Deposit cigarette remains inside the heatproof Golfer’s Ashtube.

Golfer’s Ashtube: Thank you for keeping the green clean. After a relaxed day on the course, empty your Golfer’s Ashtube into the waste bin.

Golfer’s Ashtube – to keep the green clean.
THANK YOU for keeping the green clean
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